Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Creature Feature!

Spring has finally spring and Easter is on everyone's mind. With this holiday still a few weeks away, there is still time to try a new crochet pattern and make up some of Yarnabees's lovable little lamb for a special person's Easter basket!

Lovable Little Lamb by Yarnabees
If you don't have time to hook up your own lamb, Yarnabees has got you covered. Check out some of the other adorable, basket-ready items in her shop!

Toy Little Lamb by Yarnabees
Baby Bunnies by Yarnabees
Had enough yet? No? Well, you'll find plenty more in Yarnabees's Etsy shop -- so stop by today!

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  1. how sad it took me so long to say thanks but Thanks for picking my shop!!