Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Creature Feature!

So far, we've featured a bunch of amazing crocheters in our Monday Creature Feature spot, but did you know that amigurumi can be knit too? It's with that little prelude that I'm introducing this week's Creature Feature artist, Arctic Foxie!

White Weasel with a Sack by Arctic Foxie
About her work, Arctic Foxie says, "I learned about the magic of knitting when I was a little girl. It's been many years after when knitting became a passion of mine. The animals I am knitting are a big part of my childhood."

"I like to work with soft and fuzzy yarn like angora and mohair, use pretty acrylic yarns too. Once another doll is done I always show it to my husband and a big smile on his face tells me that's a good one."

Arctic Foxie has some beautiful items on sale right now, including this sweet little guy:

Gray Husky Puppy - Phil by Arctic Foxie
If you're looking for a special gift or even a little treat for yourself (don't worry -- we won't tell), you can't go wrong with Arctic Foxie!